Celebrity support: Valentine's Day survey

Ian Somerhalder and Moke - Courtesy of the Ian Somerhalder FoundationLast year a Cats Protection survey showed that women think cat-loving men possess many qualities that they find attractive when looking for love. 

Star of The Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder donated a photo of him with his cat Moke to celebrate Valentine’s Day. He said: “Sharing a special bond with a cat or any animal is experiencing unconditional love in its purest form. Animals don't get hung up on insignificant, meaningless, day-to-day stuff that really doesn't amount to anything in the end. I learn so much about the capacity to fully open my heart to love, forgiveness and compassion through the relationships I have with my pets. You can never give or receive too much love - and animals help us remember that every single day." 

BBC Newsround presenter, Ricky Boleto, also agreed with the survey findings, commenting: “If you're short of a date this Valentine's... consider getting a cat. Apart from their many good qualities, the research shows that cats can make a man more attractive to women. Just ask my fiancée, whenever she sees me chilling with Bella the cat, she wants to curl up next to me! Bella brings out my soft and loving side. It works every time!” 

Celebrities who have supported previous Valentine’s campaigns include:

Ricky Gervais – The actor and comedian described his cat Ollie as ‘surly’. - Photo by Ricky Gervais

Alexei Sayle – The comedian came up with ‘wilf-ful’ to describe his cat Wilf. - Photo by David Rose

Photo: Ricky GervaisPhoto by David Rose


Photo credit - Ian Somerhalder and Moke - Courtesy of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation